Is There A Way To Earn $10 in 1 hour 100% Free?

People frequently ask, “Is There A Way To Earn $10 in 1 hour 100% Free?”. This question shows the expectation that people have of affiliate marketing. My answer is always the same.

YES, there is a way to earn $10+ in 1 hour 100% free…… however most of the time this is based on luck. There are no guarantees that you will make any money at all, yet you could make as much as $50 or $100+.

If you want to try this method out for yourself (and it is a good option to add to your daily routine) below are the instructions on what you need to do.

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How To Earn $10+ in 1 hour 100% Free
Click Here To Register on 100 Percent Clicks. You can earn $20 – $297 completely free with this account.
Note that you DO NOT need to upgrade this account to earn with it, but you can only earn ONCE as a free member. To use this method and have the ability to earn $20 – $297 over and over you will need to upgrade later. Personally I upgraded straight away and promoted using the method below.

How To Promote
You need some more free accounts to use to promote 100 Percent Clicks.
This is quite simple to do.
I recommend you use these 2 sites first of all as I get great results with them:

Viral Url
Infinity Mailer Boost

When you join these sites for free you will get some ad credits added to your account, however it is a good idea to earn some extra credits first. The more ad credits you have the more people you will be able to promote to, and the more likely you are to get results.
To earn more ad credits you simply need to open marketing emails sent out by other members, and click on a link inside to prove you have opened and read it. I suggest you spend about 15 – 30mins doing this for each site. Of course you can purchase an upgrade if you prefer not to spend time earning ad credits.
After you have earned or purchased ad credits, you will be ready to send out your own marketing email to the other members of the sites.

Here is the email that I send out:
Subject: This New Traffic Site is Great For Affiliate Sales
If you are an affiliate marketer you will no doubt know already that most traffic sites are not great for making affiliate sales. Many of them don’t even show your landing page, and show a black screen and error message instead.
This new traffic site however, is getting great results for affiliates. There are lots of very good reviews being shared already. Its certainly a site that I recommend you add to your list if not joined yet.
You can of course join for free, but right now there is a brilliant OTO available for just $25. Take a moment to check out what is on offer when you see that – I think you will be impressed! There is a very high upgrade rate for a reason.
The link to join is:

See you there!

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