About Our Team Build Programs

One Team, One Goal members are asked to join multiple team build programs. This is to maximise income levels and to build income faster as well. You will earn a lot more money with multiple programs and our goal is to help everyone to earn $1000 per month as fast as possible. 

You do not have to join each team build program all at once, you can start with team build 1 and add the others when you are ready to progress.  ALL members are asked to join each of the paid team builds over time. This maintains the integrity of the team all working together. 

There are several free team build programs as well as paid ones included in One Team, One Goal. The free team builds allow our members to pre-build a team before they join any of the paid sites. They also allow members of One Team, One Goal the option to work with us without any up front costs.

Click Here For Our Suggested Earning Plan.

Each of our team build programs are paid on multiple levels of downline members, and provide very high level income potential for team building. We recommend joining the free team builds as well as the paid ones. The free team builds do provide high level earnings when members upgrade their accounts…… and upgrades can be earned in advance using the suggest earning plan above. 

Ads By UAP – Free 

Click Here To Join Ads By UAP

Although this is a simple ad click account, it pays on 7 levels of downline members. It also pays 50% commission for referral ad clicks on level 1 referrals. You can easily reach earnings of $1 – $10+ per day with this account with just a few active referrals. 

Upgrade costs $50, however upgraded members get paid $2 per day (or just under that), with no referrals. When you have upgraded referrals you can earn $10 per day with just 6 people on your level 1 team. 

More Information about Ads By UAP will be provided ASAP.

Faucet Wave – Free

Click Here To Join Faucet Wave

This account provides ad clicks, surveys and tasks. There are also multiple upgrade levels available. The first level upgrade costs $10. You need to be upgraded to open the multi-level team earning system. 

More Information about Faucet Wave will be provided ASAP.

Infinity Traffic Boost – Free

Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost

This is primarily a traffic site account which provides high quaity traffic. However it has a unique team build system that allows you to earn on all levels of downline members (to infinity). 

By surfing the ads, you get paid ad credits as well as a daily fund bonus that is automatically added to your account each day at midnight. With 4 referrals, who get 4 referrals each, and on through the team levels, this site pays out over $64,000. To achieve this level of earnings each person needs to work up the different account levels (which can be done for free and using account funds to upgrade). 

More Information about Infinity Traffic Boost will be provided ASAP.

Global Domains International

Click Here To Join Global Domains International

This is our first paid team build account. It costs $10 per month to be part of our team (which can be earned on Team Build Machine). 

There are multiple bonus payments available ($25, $100 & $250) as well as getting paid a monthly income on 5 levels of downline. 

The plan we are following for this account is 5 referrals for each person, down 5 levels. When this is achieved the monthly income is $3905 per month. 

That is BEFORE any account bonuses and any additional earnings from blogging etc. 

Click Here For More Information about Global Domains International

Got Back Up

Click Here To Join Got Back Up

This is our second paid team build account. It costs a one off $20 affiliate fee + $9.97 per month to be part of our team. This account is built as a matrix where each person has only 2 spaces on level 1 for referrals. This means all team members can benefit from ‘spillover’. 

Spillover is created when any member gains more than 2 direct referrals. The third referral is then placed under a current member. Each member can earn from spillover in the “Binary Compensation Plan” so even with no personal referrals you can earn here. 

There are additional earnings for those who gain direct referrals, and this creates the highest income levels. 

More information will be provided about Got Back Up ASAP.

Great Life

Click Here To Join Great Life Life

This is our third paid team build account. It costs a one off $49 affiliate fee + $20 per month to be part of our team. This account is also built as a matrix where each person has only 2 spaces on level 1 for referrals. This means all team members can again benefit from ‘spillover’. 

Members with no personal referrals can earn over $5000 per month with this account. 

As usual, those who work on gaining direct referrals will earn considerably more than those who do not. 

More information will be provided about Great Life ASAP.

Team Build Training

As members who gain personal referrals will always earn a lot more than those who do not, we encourage every member of One Team, One Goal to work on building their own team building skills. 

We will provide full training and multiple resources for our members ASAP. 

Click Here For Access To Our Team Build Training

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